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Contest update and Special Resources!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 26, 2008, 1:20 PM

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:new: :new: :new: :new: :new: :new: :new:
Ok, so i'm gonna extend the contest for a few more days in hopes that we'll have a few more entries submitted, which is the easy part, just send the thumbcode (copy/pasted) in a note to the club subject line: Scarey Contest...and yes all, i misspelled it on PURPOSE for those of you who are spellcheckers lol, i am also, but i did it on purpose to be goofy so...there ya go, now go create some ART y'all ;)


So, now please draw your attention to the contests themes area!!  What I need from you all is a fractal depicting the the theme in your style, in all accepted fractal rendering programs; simple frame and small signature in the corner will be accepted as long as it is not distracting from the fractal or detracting from the over all composition of the art piece in any way. Please be sure to link back to the contest journal in your comments.  All entries to be judged must be from a club member; however, if you are someone who just happens across our path, please feel free to enter as well, however, it will not be up for judgement, but it will be instead featured prior to the contest results are announced.  We want you all to feel free to express yourselves in a themed venue to display and promote your art; we feel it is important to do so here at NFotM, so please, tell all of your friends who are fractalists to join in the fun, without the pressure of joining another club just to enter in the contest.  
Please send in your art via note with thumb code to the club subject line: <<"Scarey">> and it is due no later then 11:59 PM PDT please.  It will be then judged by a panel especially selected for this contest; judges and staff are permitted to enter, but are forbidden from voting for themselves.  if you care to donate a prize, please note the club or the administrator otherwise, it will be just club journal features and news article denoting your victory and accomplishment. all members and watchers are eligible to enter, you may enter two entries in each contest, but no more.
Winner of each contest will be have their winning piece featured in the clubs 'Feature' spot on the front page until the next contest winner is announced!  If there are any questions, please note the club or the club administrator directly subject line: "Contest?"  Thanks in advance for all of your entries, i sooo look forward to viewing all of your entries!!


Ok, so I'm thinking I am gonna try something new here at NFotM and see if this works for all of our watchers, new fractalists and senior fractalists and even our resource fractalists.

The thing that we will be doing affects the submission of art to the club gallery; from now on (1 September 2008) and to further comply with the collections vs. submissions that the site is encouraging for clubs; we will be only requesting our members/watchers to submit artwork to the club if you would like it to be featured by the club, all other artwork will still be :+fav:'d by the club as you upload it and it is Fractal Art to be put in the categorized folders in the club fav's.  

General club leadership art will also be fav'd occasionally, and so will related stamps that is related to fractals and it's members.  

Guidelines regarding pieces to submit for the *Featured* spot in the club are as follows:  Watchers, New Fractalists and Senior Fractalists are all welcome to submit still the two pieces in a given month, however, it will be up to the Admin, V.Admin and Gallery Manager (which is currently vacant and available for application by club members) to determine which piece will be featured by the end of that month according to how many submissions have been received and what quality is perceived by the club leadership.  The rest of the submissions will go into a folder designated to be journalled as a tribute piece to display their artwork in a public forum style manner.  So it will still be viewed, just in a different way.  This is the club's way of enacting a more proactive way to 'promote' our club's member's art.  We will also be running a possible news article highlighting all of those whom we've journalled for a three month period.

Our New Fractalist feature article will be slightly changed as well as of today's date.  We will be featuring one artist and it will be still one female or male artist that fall under the same guidelines as before; however, it will only be one at a time and every other month for each gender and will feature more of their art if they have enough in their gallery to choose from.  

If there are activities and events you would like to see the club do and host, especially in our chat room, please don't hesitate to note the club and we'll start collecting your desires for that and put some really awesome events and activities together for your participation guys and gals are great out there, we wouldn't be a club with out thanks and much appreciation to you all :blowkiss:...YOU ROCK!! :headbang:

Coming up in the next journal entry from NFotM, the beginnings of the NFotM Fractal Resource List will be posted! The list will be split into multiple sections based on fractal program, which will each then be split between scripts, tutorials, flames, and other resources. Most will be for the Apophysis fractal program, but we'll be looking out for everyone who differs from the mainstream and uses other programs. Keep checking the NFotM page lest you miss any updates, this is the place you'll find them! :)

NFotM Contest

Upcoming Contests to start building a fractal for:

OCT:Theme="Scarey" Due=15th Oct.
NOV:Theme="Thankful" Due=15th Nov.
DEC:Theme="Giving" Due=15th Dec.

Normal Contest rules apply, entries must be made in an accepted fractal program and linked back to the club and labeled in the comments as a contest entry and for which.  Staff may enter but will be forbidden from voting for themself.  
if you care to donate a prize, please note the club or the administrator otherwise, it will be just club journal features and news article denoting your victory and accomplishment.  all members and watchers are eligible to enter, you may enter two entries in each contest, but no more.
Winner of each contest will be have their winning piece featured in the clubs 'Feature' spot on the front page until the next contest winner is announced!
**UPCOMING in DEC:: keep in mind everyone, we'll be holding another club ID contest come December so start thinking and coming up with your designs'll be on our front page from Jan-June of 2009 among other lil goodies and stuff, so good luck with your cleverness and designing ;)


:new:(At Last) NFotM Resources List!:new:

After scouring deviantART for fractal-making necessities, we've made a list of the best resources we could find, just for you! You'll find a nice assortment of handy tutorials, scripts, flames, and other things that should inspire you, or help along that inspiration you've already found. (NOTE: The following is primarily for Apophysis users, but we'll be expanding as more content for other programs are found. Sorry UF users!)

Tutorials & Informative ++++++++++

  • Apophysis Guide v.2.1 by ClaireJones : An excellent guide to Apophysis for those with questions, just starting out, or otherwise are looking into Apo. Featured as a DD!

  • Julia Uncovered v.2.2 by ClaireJones : A well done easy-to-use tutorial centered around Grand Julians. Knowledge gained here can be applied to other Apo endeavours, not just Julia(n)s!

Scripts ++++++++++

Plugins ++++++++++

  • (The amazing) Supermassive Plugin Pack by phoenixkeyblack : An amazing pack of plugins. A few notables included: Boarders, Butterfly, Complex Polynomial, Crackle, Cross, Droste, Juliac, Mobius, Mobius2, Ngon, Rays(1-3), and Tri_boarders2

Gradients ++++++++++

This list is updated regularly as new things are discovered around and outside of dA for your using!

:w00t: deadlyMETAL

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so now, if we've forgotten anyone, please PLEASE note us immediately, and we'll fix it pronto!! Thanks, you guys are awesome!!


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